Monday, 16 April 2012

Post-workout tips

What is the best to eat after working out? With correct food and supplements, you can maximise the effectiveness of your workout. Who wouldn't want that?

There are two basic types of protein - whey and casein.
Whey protein is crucial for your post-workout growth. It is absorbed in body very fast and is able to supply your muscles with amino acids which build new muscle. 30 grams should be enough.
Casein is absorbed slowly. It will start getting digested after the whey protein has been used, so your muscles won't be starving. Try to have 10-15 grams.

Another important thing to have are simple sugars. They raise insulin level in body and help deliver protein and other nutrients into muscles. Your glycogen stores were also emptied, and sugars refill them. Amount to take varies on your weight and goal, 20-80 grams.

Creatine will not only aid you in gaining mass and strenght, it also helps you recover and will be stored in your body for next workout. 3-5 grams is enough.