Monday, 23 April 2012

Brad Pitt's Fight Club diet

Brad Pitt's physique in movie Fight Club has become kinda legendary. Many people look up to it while trying to get fit. I'll cover Brad's diet and exercise routine in this article. The fact that his body fat was really low (~5%) made it possible, as he stated, to have awesome abs without doing any straight-ab exercise.

He did 3 sets per exercise - 15 reps per set with weight that would make the last one go to failure, and more reps when doing bodyweight exercises.
Short rest time - 60 seconds between each set.

Monday – Chest
75 push ups
bench press – 25, 15, 8 rep
nautilus press
incline press
pec deck machine

Tuesday – Back
25 pull ups
seated rows
lat pull downs
t bar rows

Wednesday – Shoulders
arnold pres
front raises

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps
preacher curl machine
ez curls cable
hammer curls
push downs

Friday – Cardio

Saturday – Cardio

Sunday – Rest

 Now the most important part - diet. He followed a very strict, healthy diet - eating 6 times a day, with only supplement being whey protein powder. It looked like this:

Morning snack:  canned tuna in wholewheat pita wraps.
Lunch:  2 chicken breasts, with 75-100 grams of brown rice and green vegetables.
Afternoon snack:  protein bar or whey protein shake and 1 banana (this was pre-workout time).
Post-workout snack:  another whey protein shake and 1 banana.
Supper:  grilled fish or chicken, more brown rice, veggies and a large salad.
Bedtime snack:  low fat cottage cheese or a casein protein shake.

 I recommend to watch this movie, if you already haven't!


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