Friday, 11 May 2012

Body types

Have you ever asked yourself why can't you gain any muscle no matter how much you train, while your friend looks like a greek god after the same amount of working out? Or why can't you get as lean as you'd want to?
It all has to do with the body type you were born with.
Ectomorphs are the thin, low-fat low-muscle guys that find it hard to gain anything.
Endomorphs' body stores fat much more easily, and they have a hard time getting rid of it, but they have a lot of muscle mass too.
Mesomorphs are low in fat, but gaining muscle is not that hard for them as for ectomorphs at all. They are the sport types - often called the "good genetics".

Most people don't have the signs of one type only - almost everyone is a mixture.


Small frame and bone structure
Flat chest
Small shoulders
Lean muscle mass
Finds it hard to gain weight
Fast metabolism

Soft and round body
Gains muscle and fat very easily
Is generally short and stocky
Round physique
Finds it hard to lose fat
Slow metabolism

Hard body with well defined muscles
Rectangular shaped body
Gains muscle easily
Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs

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